Sunday, May 24, 2009

What Room 10 thought of the Acrobatic Troupe.

"I liked the part when he climbed the chairs" Thomas
"The acrobats were really cool, I was blown away by the back flips and the catapult" Geordie
"Simply great, tricks, magic and more ... amazing" Josh
"I really enjoyed the performance. The best part was when they were jumping off the board and making the people fly into the air" Leo
"Wow, that show was amazing. I would recommend it - it is both entertaing and you get to ask questions at the end so you can even learn a little bit about them" Nicole
"Amazing, I was on my toes in anticipation! a great theme, extremely breathtaking" Jessica
"I don't think it was worth $5, it was worth $50, it was crazy, the best thing i have experienced in my life!" James

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