Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Livestock Day @ Morrinsville Intermediate

Livestock day was held today at Morrinsville Intermediate School. This is an annual event where students are able to bring in their pets (dogs, cats, turtles bunnies etc), livestock (calves, goats, sheep), and craft items. All are judged by outside school judges and prizes are awarded. If students did not bring in an animal they competed in games while the others were showing their pets and livestock.
This was a great day held by all and many great accomplishments!
More to come soon ... keep posted for more pictures and reflections.


  1. Livestock day well that was a great day being in the livestock committee and helping out with all the people and looking at all the art, crafts, cooking that people from MIS made great WORK EVERYONE...

  2. Aroha and Thomas(rm10)October 23, 2009 at 11:44 AM

    i think everyone did a great job in lifestook day and crafts day we just want to say well done to our lifestook people.
    what was your favourite part of livestook day?

  3. I was not there at livestock day but I hear that it was fun day. I really like the photos in your slide show.

    by Richard

  4. We liked livestock day because we liked doing top team and looking at all the animals.We also like the pictures you have posted.

  5. I like livestock day because it is very cool and the cakes etc and it aws a very sunny and it was a good day.

  6. I loved the craft& live stock day! It was so fun that I wanted my old Kores scool to have craft day. My favourite part was prize giving and watching beautiful leisure things.
    I had a trophe so I was more happy!
    I love craft day!!
    It's my favourite time at school!!!
    very cool!

  7. We Thought livestock day was cool because the animals were awesome and the cakes were cool

  8. i really enjoyed livestock day because we got to view all the craft items. my favourite part was being involved in the top team.i even enjoyed looking at all the photos on Room 10's blog page.

  9. LIvestock day was a great day with the sun shining down and animals participating to get ribbons and I loved looking at the yummy cakes espeicially the mouse!