Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blog Challenge - MIS Production

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Morrinsville intermediate are going to perform a musical on “rat bags’

It is about a gang of rats who are taking over a town, the townies want the mayor to do something about it but when she does, she doesn’t give a reward...!

We all have a busy schedule of practices we are so dedicated we are practicing in the holidays!!!

The Production will take place in the first week of November. It will be really tiring and stressful!

At the moment it is looking so cool and everyone on the cast and the teachers can’t wait until we perform the production!
By Tyla

Blog Challenge - Tri Nations

Tri Nations 2009
This post is about the tri nations 2009. We are going to give you some information and cool stuff.
South Africa were unstoppable this tri nations, except for one game when the Australians managed to work around the skill of the South Africans.
Throughout the Tri Nations the All Blacks have improved greatly. Because when they played the first game against the Australians They won 22-16. In the last game the All Blacks had improved a lot and smashed the Australians 33-6.
Biggest upset
The most upsetting part of the Tri Nations was when the South Africans lost to Australia. The score was 21-6.
The Standings
South Africa-21
New Zealand-13
Australia -6

By Regan, Luke and Callum

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blogging Challenge - TXT Language OMG !

Megan : Haee, wot u uptaah 2day . ? im @ skewl.
Calvin: nufin much wbu?
Megan: Yea nufin.fYI Bord. LOL

Do you understand this?

Most people in the world understand this form of language BUT is it affecting us at school? OMG OMG I think that I know because, it happened to me this morning when I was writing a short story I kept on writing in ‘U’ instead of ‘you’.
Does this really affect kids at skeewl. Should parents be worried about this . ?
What du u thinks about this?

By Calvin and Megan
cu lata

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jessicas video presentation of 'Cry Baby' by Paul Jennings

Jessica made this power point presentation on the short story "Cry Baby" by Paul Jennings. This is part of our 30pt Challenge where the students complete actvities based on different short stories. A video presentation can be anything from power point to video to kidpix.

Nicole's Story Map of "Pass it on" by David Hill

Nicole made this power point presentation on the short story "Pass it on" by David Hill. This is part of our 30pt Challenge where the students complete actvities based on different short stories. A story map is where you map out the main events of the story.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Blogging Challenge Week 3

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tainui Disco

Last night, Thursday the 17th of September Tainui had a disco, their theme was Fluoro.

There were glow sticks and necklaces to buy.

We got to pick the music and we had to leave a comment on room 4’s blog to let Mr Casey know what songs we wanted. We also had to bring the music to school and if we didn’t we had to listen to Mrs McDonald’s Music!!!

6 people had to get up on the stage to dance, they were Shannon, Maddison, Caitlin, Sam and a few others, people were giving prizes for best dressed and dancing.

Everyone had a great time and sung along to the songs that were played.
By Tyla and Shannon

Paper Roller Coaster Update

Roller coasters have been such a great time. We are enjoying making the different parts to our roller coaster and we should be ready to put the frame up next week. It will be exciting to begin setting up our actual roller coaster at the start of term 4. Making all of the parts of the roller coaster has been fun but also hard because we need to be very careful that wel cut, fold, and score (rule over the libes with ball point pen to make the folds sharp and strong) the paper correctly.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

T.G.F.U - Cricket Term 3 / 4

T.G.F.U is Cricket this term. Room Ten is well under way with their new skills. We have looked at bowling (Revised our throwing and catching skills), and now we are focussing on our batting. When we are batting we are looking at how we hold the bat, our position to the bowler, and the batting action and follow through. Fun times!, it is especialy nice as it is a lot warmer now and the afternoons are perfect for practice.

Shaddow Love

During lunch eating today I sat with some students from another class and chatted generally about school and life. During this time I noticed some neat shaddows and mentioned this to some of the students. I had the camera on me at the time and managed to get this neat shot that we have now called 'shaddow love'.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Word Search about Coast to Coast

Click the following picture link to visit the interactive wordsearch made by Regan, Megan, and Callum. This is all based on the Coast to Coast sports challenge. Keep posted and you will learn more.

James gets descriptive!

James was given 2 photos. One was of a man who was drinking out of a coffee cup, the other was of a busy French cafe. Here is how james added the 2 pictures together using descriptive language.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blogging Challenge - week 2

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blogging Challenge

Question Three: what do you hope to get out of the blogging challenge by the end of 10 weeks?
Wordle: question three

Blogging Challenge

Question Two: What do you hape some of the activities include?
Wordle: question 2

Blogging Challenge

Question One: Why did you join the blogging challenge?

Wordle: question 1 blogging challenge

Friday, September 4, 2009

Relationship between kinetic and potential energy

What did we learn from out experiment where we changed the height of our marble ramp? we looked at the relationship between height (more potential energy) and kinetic energy (speed).

Awesome challenging maths tasks

Room Ten is enjoying the book "Go Figure" as it is provides a lot of interesting and challenging tasks. This activity was TO MAKE A ICOSAHEDRON using 3 pieces of paper and 3 specified cuts. This was fun fun fun!!!!
Check out the book "Go Figure - a totally cool book about numbers" by Johnny Ball.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Numeracy in Action

Todays groups looked at 7 lots of 38 and how we could work it out. They decided it was easiest to have 3 lots of 10 and 2 lots of 4 in each column. That made it easier to work out 21 x 10 = 210 and then 4 x 14 = 56. It was easy after that as 56 + 210 = 265as the answer. We then talked about 38 being close to 40 so 40 x 7 = 280 and because we added 7 lots of 2 we took off 14 from 280 which gave us 265 as well. Our last strategy was to look at 7 x 30 which is 210 and then times the remainder 8 by 7 which is 56 and add 56 onto 210 also giving us 265. Phew ..... that was heaps of strategies in one lesson but it really does make it a lot quicker to answer things in our heads (imaging). OUR LEARNING INTENTION WAS: I AM LEARNING TO SOLVE MULTIPLICATION PROBLEMS BY USING A VARIETY OF MENTAL STRATEGIES.

Numeracy in Room Ten

The Numeracy Project is focused on developing children's understanding of numbers, and their ability to use numbers to solve problems. Children may solve number problems by counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, or combinations of these.
As part of the Numeracy Project children should be learning to:
* enjoy working with numbers
* make sense of numbers - how big they are, how they relate to other numbers, and how they behave
* solve mathematical problems - whether real life or imaginary
* calculate in their heads whenever possible, rather than using a calculator or pen and paper
* show that they understand maths, using equipment, diagrams and pictures
* explain and record the methods they use to work out problems
* accept challenges and work at levels that stretch them
* work with others and by themselves
* discuss how they tackle mathematical problems - with other students, their teacher and you!

This information is fom the NZ Maths site run by the NZ Ministry of education.

In Room Ten each group has their own book where they write their learning intention, plan, 'work out', and solve equations showing a process. These books can be used by the students at any stage to revisit work or for new problems. Everyone gets a turn to write and they are able to sign their work and take ownership of problems solved. A lot of the numeracy work is with materials aiming towards 'imaging' which is to work problems out in their head using one or more strategies. The workbook for the groups is primarily a place to share new strategies.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kinetic and Potential energy

In order for us to begin learning about roller coasters we need to understand the basics of physics. Potential and kinetic energy are hugely important in the success of roller coasters. Room ten participated in an activity involving marbles and different heights - looking at the relationship between potential and kinetic energy. Potential energy is when someting is not moving but is storing its (potential) energy. Kinetic energy is speed energy (movement). check out the links under the inquiry heading on the left hand side of the blog for more.