Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Numeracy in Room Ten

The Numeracy Project is focused on developing children's understanding of numbers, and their ability to use numbers to solve problems. Children may solve number problems by counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, or combinations of these.
As part of the Numeracy Project children should be learning to:
* enjoy working with numbers
* make sense of numbers - how big they are, how they relate to other numbers, and how they behave
* solve mathematical problems - whether real life or imaginary
* calculate in their heads whenever possible, rather than using a calculator or pen and paper
* show that they understand maths, using equipment, diagrams and pictures
* explain and record the methods they use to work out problems
* accept challenges and work at levels that stretch them
* work with others and by themselves
* discuss how they tackle mathematical problems - with other students, their teacher and you!

This information is fom the NZ Maths site run by the NZ Ministry of education.

In Room Ten each group has their own book where they write their learning intention, plan, 'work out', and solve equations showing a process. These books can be used by the students at any stage to revisit work or for new problems. Everyone gets a turn to write and they are able to sign their work and take ownership of problems solved. A lot of the numeracy work is with materials aiming towards 'imaging' which is to work problems out in their head using one or more strategies. The workbook for the groups is primarily a place to share new strategies.

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