Friday, September 18, 2009

Tainui Disco

Last night, Thursday the 17th of September Tainui had a disco, their theme was Fluoro.

There were glow sticks and necklaces to buy.

We got to pick the music and we had to leave a comment on room 4’s blog to let Mr Casey know what songs we wanted. We also had to bring the music to school and if we didn’t we had to listen to Mrs McDonald’s Music!!!

6 people had to get up on the stage to dance, they were Shannon, Maddison, Caitlin, Sam and a few others, people were giving prizes for best dressed and dancing.

Everyone had a great time and sung along to the songs that were played.
By Tyla and Shannon


  1. The Tainui disco was awesome the hall was filled with bright colours and kool dancers. That was one of the best discos ive ever been to.


  2. The disco was brillant and i loved the songs cause everybody knew them and sang along
    i agree with brodie it was the best disco everrrr =]

  3. Hey, my mane is Courtney and I attend school in Mobile, Alabama. I just got done viewing your slide show and that looked like great fun. The little boy with the pink hair was too funny. I wish my school had stuff like that.

  4. Hmmm ... that looked fun! Wished we had a disco night in school. We only had those where I come from at the end of Year 12. Or during university.

  5. Hello,

    My name is Belinda and I attend the University of South Alabama. I'm also in Dr. Strange's EDD 310 class. Your class really went all out for your disco themed party. Every one was very colorful and having a great time. That was a good idea for a party.


  6. Hey Room 10. I'm glad you liked the disco. I hope the music was looouuuuddd enough!

  7. The disco was really fun and I enjoyed it. All the bright colours and the music was awesome!!

  8. I loved the disco especially the bright colours and the awesome music.

  9. Hi Room 10. The pictures looked great and I am really proud that Tainui was the first team to use our new lights and sound system. We had a blast!!! Mrs Armstrong

  10. Hi!
    I really enjoyed looking at the photos I looked over them 3 times! I'm a fifth grade student in Thailand and I have a blog too! Heres the address: Hows it like living in New Zealand?