Friday, August 28, 2009

Paper Rollercoaster

Room Tens new challenge ......

Room Tens New shared book

"Ambushed" by Fleur Beale
SYNOPSIS: Richard is the only one of his family who doesn’t want to leave Cray’s Creek. He and his friends try everything they can think of, to get his parents to change their minds, but to no avail.At his new school in his new town, Richard finds it impossible to make friends. Both his sisters seem to have no trouble at all. He is lonely, bored and very homesick when a group of boys take him under their wings. Unfortunately for them, when they try to bully Richard they find he is not going to become another of their victims. Richard sets out to orchestrate ‘the revenge of the newcomers’ – and there is no shortage of willing accomplices.
QUESTION: Describe the range of emotions Richard would have felt on that Saturday morning? What would be his lasting impression of the events? How well do you think he coped with the events? What would you have done under those circumstances?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"How I see the world around me" Room Ten Photo Competition Winners

3rd Place - Jessica
Think of a weed, ugly and insignificant, something that people want rid of. But even this common thing in our world can be beautiful, like many other things we are surrounded by...
2nd Place - Tyla
Meaning: Enjoyment, peace, relaxation, and living life to the fullest.

Ist place - Grant
Meaning: New life peeks through the rugged sheet of corrugated iron.
The Photos were judged by our wonderful principal Mr MacDonald. He liked Grants photo because it showed creativity as it was quite different in its perspective.

Nicoles Quilt

In fabric extension, I worked on a quilt of my horse 'Faith'. I started off slow and not really knowing what to do next. In the last few weeks I really worked hard. First I got a blown up picture of Faith and traced pattern pieces onto tracing paper and then onto visor fix, which is a special paper that glues to the fabric. The fabric got cut out and then put together on the background I had chosen. I then had to choose a back pattern and put padding in between them to make it thick and cushiony. Next was the sewing machine! We got black fur for the mane which really made the horse come to life. After sewing everything together Mrs Dainty bound it which means she sewed the border on. After the holidays I got so exited coming back to school because I knew I would see my quilt. I loved it so much!
I am really proud of my quilt and so is my family. Now Faith will be with us forever. By Nicole

Monday, August 24, 2009

Megans Quilt

Megan is part of an extension group working with fabric in the material technology classroom. She has begun making a quilt with a beautiful Maori design. Megan is weaving the green material behind the main design. There is still a lot to do to her quilt as she had not begun sewing yet but is preparing the design and material until she is completely happy. Megan is already planning her next quilt design and knows it will have more blue fabric. The materials teacher has given Megan a lot of great advice and guidance so far in this process and we are all looking forward to the finished quilt.

My Tag My Town visits MIS

Today ‘My Tag My Town’ came to our school to talk about how to look after the community and how to help the community. They also talked about tagging which is our unit of inquiry. We can do to help out and some of our ideas were:
· Picking up rubbish
· Sweeping gutters
· Helping old ladies across the road
· Sponsoring guide dogs
· Painting over tagging
We shared our ideas with them on what Pat who was the host told us how we should try look after the community; he also said how he helped the old lady by walking her dog every morning and shaved off his hair for cancer. Rexine gave out prizes like CD cases and books from paper plus. Pat is on the radio and TV. Room10 were happy that My Tag My Town came to our school it will help with our Unit or Inquiry. Click here to go to My Tag My Town website.
By Shenae

Friday, August 21, 2009

Class Discussion on Graffiti - student led

Room Ten tried to Video a class discussion based around some specific questions relating to Graffiti, as this is our current Unit of Inquiry. We are a little shy so forgive us if we look a bit nervous. ( we really are trying to look natural!)

Inter - Intermediate School X-Country

Room Ten talks about their success
The day had come.... Inter Intermediate x-country was here.
The race was at Porret Stadium which is in Hamilton. We hadn’t done any training after the school x-country and there were about 40 to 60 people in each race. Jarrod came 2nd for the year 7 boys, Jade came 27th for the year 7 girls, and Callum came 37th for the year 8 boys.
The year 7 boys came 3rd over all for schools and the year 8 boys came 3rd as well. The race was about 3ks for the year 7s but the year 8s ran 3 and a half ks.
When we went to do the walk around the track it was all muddy and wet. When we all started I slipped over on the first corner and then I lost the lead but I got back up again and started to pace myself then slowly build up to second place on the second lap around. Near the end I slipped over again and thought I was going to come about 20th place but got up so fast it was up to me and that guy. I was still coming 2nd at the last 100 meters. It looked like a sprint off. My mum was yelling “run Jarrod run, run ,run” and so were all the people there. I ended up coming 2nd and my parents said I should of came first but he was just a better runner than me what could I do after all that training I did with my sister running up and down all the hills on my Dad’s farm.
Callum came 37th (was keeping 37th the whole time and not letting anyone go past him), he was happy with himself in his race he said to us that it is going to be a lot harder next year because I will be a year 8 and all the people will have trained harder so it will be a lot harder then this year. Jade started off at the back and was passing lots of the people running.
The top 3 people in each race got certificates for their hard work and putting all effort into that race. The order went Year 7 girls Year 7 boys Year 8 girls and last but not least Year 8 boys. We all had a really good day.
By Jarrod and Jade

Friday, August 14, 2009

Room Ten X-country Recount

On the 7th of August M.I.S. (Morrinsville Intermediate School) had their cross country.
It was a hard run through the farm with all the ups and downs, running though the paddocks and seeing my mum waving at me yelling “run run, Preston is catching up to you”.
On the day my aim was to get in the top 6 so I could qualify for the Inter Intermediate Schools.
Before we started the order went year 7 girls year 7 boys, year 8 girls and last was the year 8 boys. When we did the practices we had to do 3 laps around the Soccer field, Hockey field, Rugby field and cricket pitch. The day was sunny and there were no clouds so it wasn’t about to rain.
After we finally finish the race I came in the top 6. 6th place was Dean, 5th Ryan, 4th Nathan, 3rd jean, 2nd Preston, and 1st Jarrod which is me so it was a successful day.
Our class results (top 10) were:
Yr 7 boys –Jarrod
Yr 7 Girls – Jade
Yr 8 Boys – Callum
Well done to everyone who participated!
By Jarrod

Morrinsville Intermediate school speeches WINNER!

Below is a video of the Morrinsville Intermediate school speeches winner. She is a student of Room Ten and we are all very poud of her achievements today in the final. When asked how she felt about delivering her speech she gave a wee smile and simply said "nervous!". We have had class speeches, team speeches (3 classrooms), and final wole school (9 students in final).
It is very difficult to stand in front of a hall full of people and speak with confidence and conviction so, well done. Here is the winning speech in a more informal setting so you can listen ... enjoy.
Speech Content: The Holocaust

Learn how to pronounce the French Alphabet

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Individual wants versus community needs!

For this current Unit of Inquiry we are looking at the concept of "individual wants Vs Community needs" in the context of "tagging".
For this unit here is a list of some of the vocabulary we will be looking at.


private property
public property
BubbleShare: Share photos - Find great Clip Art Images.
Graffiti (tagging) is everywhere. where have you seen it and what are your thoughts on where it is being done?


To find out how this relates to tagging click here and then leave a comment under this post. Has this changed your initial ideas about tagging? Is this just what you thought? Do you have any additional questions arising from this?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Room 10's photo competition

Want to show your way of seeing the world around you?

Well now you can, if you have any photos that:

- Are taken by you.
-Related to the theme: how you see the world around you.
(This could be any thing from nature to our new topic: tagging.)
-Have a meaning behind it.
- One photo per student only please.
Then enter them by taking your photo into class on a USB stick or printed on photo paper, and if you win the picture will be shown on our class blog!!!

1st place: 10 Miss Feasey dollars.
2nd place: 5 Miss Feasey dollars.
3rd place: 2 Miss Feasey dollars and 1 chance card.

Closing date: 21/8/09 1:30 pm

Needs to say where the photo was taken, what date taken and your name.
Winners will be announced on Monday the 24th of August at 1:30 pm.
Judged by: Mr Mc Donald

Competion organised by Jessica and Christina.

Tyla's farming glog

The start of U.O.I. (Unit of Inquiry) was pretty hard but then I rang Animal Health and I spoke to Anne about methylene blue and nitrate poisoning and she helped me so much. I really enjoyed our U.O.I heaps!!!I Also, I learned that there are more ways to research other than just the internet because people know heaps of things to.

Getting more descriptive in writing settings.

On the 30th of July room 10 played around with the paragraph.

"The house was dark. It was scary there was noises. There was a storm. Lucy could see to beady eyes ahead".
We brianstormed a list of words that were more descriptive eg.... Noises /scampering. We then re wrote the paragraph.

Here are 3 of the paragraphs room 10 has done.

"There were horrible scampering and scurrying sounds coming from the run down old house. Out side there was a colossal storm brewing. Lucy started to see to 2 beady eyes gleaming at her. Dum Dum Dum". By Tyla and Saro.
"The run down old house was pitch when. Lucy entered the house there was horrible scampering and scurrying sounds while the colossal storm was brewing. Lucy saw 2 beady eyes gleaming ahead of her". By Antonia and Jade.
"The run down old house was pitch black and filled with not only the sounds of the pounding rain on the roof but strange scampering and scurrying sounds was where Lucy entered 2 beady eyes gleaming ahead piercing her very soul". By Danielle.S and Jessica.

Report by Antonia

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


At first this new U.O.I seemed challenging and a bit difficuilt but once information was collected and organised the 3 questions that I gave myself were easier to understand and answer. One of the things I thought extremely useful in my topic was a clear file so that information could be sorted and stored correctly. Jessica.