Friday, August 14, 2009

Morrinsville Intermediate school speeches WINNER!

Below is a video of the Morrinsville Intermediate school speeches winner. She is a student of Room Ten and we are all very poud of her achievements today in the final. When asked how she felt about delivering her speech she gave a wee smile and simply said "nervous!". We have had class speeches, team speeches (3 classrooms), and final wole school (9 students in final).
It is very difficult to stand in front of a hall full of people and speak with confidence and conviction so, well done. Here is the winning speech in a more informal setting so you can listen ... enjoy.
Speech Content: The Holocaust


  1. Oh my goodness congratulations ____, Well done. At my new school we have only just started to do speeches. Hello Eden welcome to Morrinsville Intermediate i hope you enjoy your time there because once you go to college its gets alot tougher!. Thank You Miss Feasey for the gift that was very kind of you, but you forgot to take off the price tag!!! Nevermind though. i miss you all and i hope to come visit you all soon!

  2. Hi Nicole.
    Let us know how your speeches are going and what your new topic is? I had to copy and paste your comment as you had mentioned a student by name and a connection could be made to the photo (cyber safety rules). Keep in contact and say hi to Gordonton school from us.
    Miss F

  3. Nicole .....the gift was a prize from the library as you won the crossword competition. congratulations