Monday, August 24, 2009

My Tag My Town visits MIS

Today ‘My Tag My Town’ came to our school to talk about how to look after the community and how to help the community. They also talked about tagging which is our unit of inquiry. We can do to help out and some of our ideas were:
· Picking up rubbish
· Sweeping gutters
· Helping old ladies across the road
· Sponsoring guide dogs
· Painting over tagging
We shared our ideas with them on what Pat who was the host told us how we should try look after the community; he also said how he helped the old lady by walking her dog every morning and shaved off his hair for cancer. Rexine gave out prizes like CD cases and books from paper plus. Pat is on the radio and TV. Room10 were happy that My Tag My Town came to our school it will help with our Unit or Inquiry. Click here to go to My Tag My Town website.
By Shenae


  1. My tag my town was a very show and every one liked it and he did really well in fount of all those people.

  2. Hey guys, we had a great time at your School, was great! Thanks for the laughs, and good luck with your studies! Pat x

  3. fink a bout it
    and whatts the other one LOL
    yeah i agree my tag my town was a great show and was reallly funny =]

  4. Well yes i think that my tag my town did a grate job to gome to our school and tell us more about tag and so then i can start a community job and help to keep our community clean and to help out with the people that tag and tell them to stop if it is what we can do well let us make the best out of it