Friday, August 14, 2009

Room Ten X-country Recount

On the 7th of August M.I.S. (Morrinsville Intermediate School) had their cross country.
It was a hard run through the farm with all the ups and downs, running though the paddocks and seeing my mum waving at me yelling “run run, Preston is catching up to you”.
On the day my aim was to get in the top 6 so I could qualify for the Inter Intermediate Schools.
Before we started the order went year 7 girls year 7 boys, year 8 girls and last was the year 8 boys. When we did the practices we had to do 3 laps around the Soccer field, Hockey field, Rugby field and cricket pitch. The day was sunny and there were no clouds so it wasn’t about to rain.
After we finally finish the race I came in the top 6. 6th place was Dean, 5th Ryan, 4th Nathan, 3rd jean, 2nd Preston, and 1st Jarrod which is me so it was a successful day.
Our class results (top 10) were:
Yr 7 boys –Jarrod
Yr 7 Girls – Jade
Yr 8 Boys – Callum
Well done to everyone who participated!
By Jarrod

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  1. Well yes the x-country whas a long day and well done to jarrod that got 1st place and to cullum that gote 7th that day because i dide'nt got in the top 7