Friday, August 21, 2009

Class Discussion on Graffiti - student led

Room Ten tried to Video a class discussion based around some specific questions relating to Graffiti, as this is our current Unit of Inquiry. We are a little shy so forgive us if we look a bit nervous. ( we really are trying to look natural!)


  1. Wow! Great discussion, Room 10! We are watching from a far. While our inquiry is more about how people use art to express their values, beliefs and experiences, a few in our class are investigating graffiti as a form of expression. We are also looking at arguments in our writing. I will ask Room 12 the same questions and let you know what they come up with!

  2. I think that the video was really good because it gives you an in site on other peoples thoughts on graffiti and tagging. I also think the questions were good because they made you think about what you want to say about the topic tagging.

  3. Hey Guys ... Check it out, you already knew what we were going on too you all about when we visited .. neat alright! Soo good too see you guys making goo dthings happen, proud of you .. I must say! ;)

    Keep up the great mahi (work) guys, and remember too help us out with them community projects aiite? Choice!

    Pat x