Friday, August 21, 2009

Inter - Intermediate School X-Country

Room Ten talks about their success
The day had come.... Inter Intermediate x-country was here.
The race was at Porret Stadium which is in Hamilton. We hadn’t done any training after the school x-country and there were about 40 to 60 people in each race. Jarrod came 2nd for the year 7 boys, Jade came 27th for the year 7 girls, and Callum came 37th for the year 8 boys.
The year 7 boys came 3rd over all for schools and the year 8 boys came 3rd as well. The race was about 3ks for the year 7s but the year 8s ran 3 and a half ks.
When we went to do the walk around the track it was all muddy and wet. When we all started I slipped over on the first corner and then I lost the lead but I got back up again and started to pace myself then slowly build up to second place on the second lap around. Near the end I slipped over again and thought I was going to come about 20th place but got up so fast it was up to me and that guy. I was still coming 2nd at the last 100 meters. It looked like a sprint off. My mum was yelling “run Jarrod run, run ,run” and so were all the people there. I ended up coming 2nd and my parents said I should of came first but he was just a better runner than me what could I do after all that training I did with my sister running up and down all the hills on my Dad’s farm.
Callum came 37th (was keeping 37th the whole time and not letting anyone go past him), he was happy with himself in his race he said to us that it is going to be a lot harder next year because I will be a year 8 and all the people will have trained harder so it will be a lot harder then this year. Jade started off at the back and was passing lots of the people running.
The top 3 people in each race got certificates for their hard work and putting all effort into that race. The order went Year 7 girls Year 7 boys Year 8 girls and last but not least Year 8 boys. We all had a really good day.
By Jarrod and Jade

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  1. Well done on getting those placings it would have been hard.