Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blogging Challenge - TXT Language OMG !

Megan : Haee, wot u uptaah 2day . ? im @ skewl.
Calvin: nufin much wbu?
Megan: Yea nufin.fYI Bord. LOL

Do you understand this?

Most people in the world understand this form of language BUT is it affecting us at school? OMG OMG I think that I know because, it happened to me this morning when I was writing a short story I kept on writing in ‘U’ instead of ‘you’.
Does this really affect kids at skeewl. Should parents be worried about this . ?
What du u thinks about this?

By Calvin and Megan
cu lata


  1. rofl! I luv yr post! Wot a gr8 thing 2 b discussing! R12 is deb8ing re cell phs in skool. Wil hav 2 c if they agree with u.

    Mrs Bee,

  2. OMG!!! hey, thanks 4 ur comment. I luv how u guys are deb8ing about cellfones in ur class, we would like 2 c how ur deb8 ends. Btw wot does rofl mean?
    :} CU

  3. Hi Calvin.
    Our post is going very well !
    Btw Rofl means - rolling on floor laughing

  4. Heyy !
    I'm from Canada, in Mrs. Baidwoods class, and I'm in grade 7 .
    I like this post. I know text and MSN short-forms have been affecting my school writing too. I'm trying to write the whole words instead of the short forms XD . But I still like to put smilys lol :] . I also like making my comments colorful.. but sadly I can't here =p .


  5. Hi. I'm in grade 6 in B.C.Canada. You're right, I think that it does affect kids. Because the next thing you know kids are going to start talking like that in real life. I think kids should just write normal.