Sunday, October 11, 2009

Room 10 Yr 7 students perform .....

Room 10 Yr 7 students perform their song (with rap) that they composed about Fairies and Goblins in Ms Fergusson's Music class. Listen carefully to the lyrics to see if you can follow the plot.
We are looking forward to the Yr 8's song at the end of the year..... ROCK ON!


  1. Well done! We will be composing a rap about China after Christmas when our topic changes. I hope we do as well as you!
    Mrs Knott

  2. That was such a great song but it was a little bit hard to hear the girls singing but thats all goods but Jarrod you were FUNNY and great work writing the song.

  3. Well done Room 10 we have just watched your video in our classroom. Molinda who used to be in Miss Williams class was very helpful in identifying some of the musicians! We thought that the drums were very loud and the singing with nice! We can't wait to see the rest of your music videos!

  4. I think that the song was pretty awesome and I really like how the Singers had a really good loud voice and most of all I thought the drummer was awesome.