Sunday, November 22, 2009

Social Dancing

Every Year Morrinsville Intermediate has Social Dancing. We learn dances like the Cha Cha Slide and the Foxtrot.
We practice hard twice a week for about 4 weeks until the Year 8 social. The Year Sevens practice as well as it is good for them to start learning the moves a year ahead ... to keep them on their toes (so to speak!)
The Year 8 Social is a lovely opportunity to celebrate the end of year 8 and the exciting journey of College ahead.


  1. The rock 'n' roll dance is one I am still trying to perfect! my favourite would have to be the cha cha slide though because of all the "funky" moves!
    Choosing a partner for the partner dances can also be quite hard.

  2. Hi my name is Niki and i am a year 8. We have just started social dance. My class does it with room 7 and it is really funny becuase there is a guy in room 7 who always just randomaly starts shufling instead of dancing. we all have a giggle at each other but love it no matter who we are dancing with. We have learned lots of different dances and are learning many more. I can't wait till our last week at school becuase we have our year 8 ball were we put all our skills from social dance together and try it out on people from other classes. I hope you are all having fun doing social dance becuase i know I am. Can you please write back at
    Thank you

  3. Social dancing was so fun this year learning different dancing.
    My favourite dance was the cha cha slide.
    The dance I got confused with was the foxtrot. The reason I thought the foxtrot was hard was the steps. I feel really sad because just the year 8 are learning it now but I am also exited because I can't wait till next

  4. Hi my name is Bridget. I am a year 8 in room 5JP at st patricks primary school greymouth.At our school we tried doing Zumba it was so funny!!!Can you please come and comment on our