Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Well, it is now that time of year when school has finished and everyone is preparing for christmas. We have had our last 3 assembly's and it was wonderful to see room ten pupils ackniwledged for all their outstanding achievements in Te Reo (Maori), english, the arts, science, cooking, hard materials and many more. I would like to say that it has been a wonderful year with all of the students from Room Ten MIS and I look forward to hearing of all your successes in the coming year. Have a wonderful break and remember......
Don't fear failure, give everything a go, and always give it your best!

Kia Kaha
Miss F


  1. Congratulations on finishing your year! We didn't realize what your school year schedule is. Our year goes from August to the end of May. Then our summer vacation is June and July. Have a wonderful Christmas and we hope to meet your new students when the new year starts. How long is your break between school years? Do you have special plans to travel or just hang out with friends? Whatever you do- enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
    Mrs. Gillum's Class Southern California, USA

  2. Ha miss Feasey hope you have a great time at your new schooland I will miss you. And hope to see you in the year and my head will be held high and I will be strong.Ow My God christmas is tomorrow WOV you.

    Bonnie Wynd

  3. Hello Miss f! 2010 has been so busy already. I am trying many new things this year including rock band, scholastic writing competition and web challenge (mathletics), things I unfortunately didn't try last year. My class this year is room 10 again and at the moment have just won a logo creating competition for Aotea :)

    Will try to comment more often but very hard to find the time. Lots of studying for austalian exams because I want to do the best I can.

    best wishes,
    Jessica (rm10)

  4. Kia Ora Jessica. It is great you are getting out there and giving things a go... that's what good leaders and role models do!All the best with the australian exams, I know you will give your very best effort - as you do with everything! keep me posted on all your achievements and successes, I know there will be many more.
    Miss F :)

  5. Hi Miss Feasey
    Thanks for commenting on rm9s blog. I will keep on doing blogging for a long timeand coment on this blog.

  6. hea miss F at the moment i m on cruchs(dont know how 2 speel it)as i dont know what has happened to my knee jst yet but i think im getting a MRI soon and then should know so hope fully it gets better . i hope you are having a good tym @ your new school this yr i am in miss clarks class but she is over seas @ the moment so we hav had miss marten 4 3 weeks and have had mr lamson 4 2 weeks and miss clark is back this thursday. bibi 4 nw