Thursday, December 3, 2009

Roller Coaster Sharing

Room 3, 6, and 10 have been making Roller Coasters for about 7 weeks now. We held a sharing time today under our dome, this was a great chance for everyone to show off their designs and their tracks. We also judged the Roller Coasters and came up with 3 that really stood out....

This team was the overall winner as their Roller Coaster had height, gravity, variables in loops and different uses of all the elements. It was fast and really was an exciting run. Well done Boys from Room 3.

This Team won the prize for the most stable and well built frame as well as a neat track. Well done Girls from Room 3.

This Team won the prize for the most compact and busy track that had a number of interesting jumps and turns. Well done Girls from Room 10.

All 3 classes worked extremely hard on their Roller Coasters and all deserve a big congratulations.
Room 6 Had an outstanding Roller Coaster that had a crocodile mouth and some amazing original designs, unfortunately it was ruined.


  1. Oh my goodness - WOW! I knew you were making these but had no idea how amazing they would turn out to be. Do you have any videos of marbles going through these runs, that you could share on your blog? I'd love to see the details of how these work. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Madmacnz
    Thank you for commenting. We do have videos on our blog.... you might need to go through older posts though ... enjoy!

  3. WOW, look at your marble tracks they are better than ours one, I like it how you made it out of paper and put other stuff in, so the marble can go really easy down.
    Why wont you take a look at ours.

  4. Congratulations, students on your awards. I love these type of activities that combine real learning with fun. Who wouldn't want to do this project!
    Mr. C

  5. Those roller coasters are really cool. I wish we could do something like that at my school.

  6. Hi, this is JA one of the students from Mrs. Gillum's class. I am so jealous because we dont get to do roller coasters.HaHaHa. Well, I hope you guys and girls had a lot of fun. I also, hope you get to do the roller coasters anytime again. Please post another comment about yourselves because all the one's you have done have been so interesting. I hope you can comment back to my individual blog page, just click on, "JA", on Mrs. Gillum's Classroom blog page.

  7. Hi

    Hi looks like you had fun making them

    bye olivia