Friday, April 10, 2009

Check it Out!

Kia Ora Room Ten
I hope you are enjoying your first day of holidays. Grant left a comment asking me what topic we will be studying next term and so I thought I would give you all a heads up in case you wanted to start thinking about it. Feel free to leave comments or ideas as to some activities/ tasks or trips that you think might enhance this unit. Also remember to check out voki as to what day we start back at school.
Our Topic...........


  1. This sounds like a very interesting topic for term 2, it makes me want to come back to school early. The links to interactive sites on careers look very interesting and I think that the class will get alot of enjoyment out of them.Good luck for term 2,

  2. I have found a great website on careers you can study at Victoria University, go to It has some printables about different careers.

  3. I played Bones and jobs and it was fun because you got to swap the heads the torsos and feet to try and find the right person then you had to choose what job they had.
    The site was called
    Copy and paste that in to your URL to get to the game.
    Saro Rm10

  4. nicole123 rm10 MISApril 29, 2009 at 10:26 AM

    I went onto a game called Bones and Jobs about careers involving bones. I thought it was really cool because you have to match the uniforms up to figure out the career. You keep going until you have all of them figured out. The url is

  5. I have found a web site called!elmjX
    It has lots of job descriptions and they all have lots of info in them about the chosen job. You should have a look.

  6. I have seen a website named Seek it is a website that allows to you to type in your jop that you would like to be employed for and then that job might come up with a result. This website is pretty much a search enginge for careers. The website is

  7. I find a web site called careers .com


    Played bones and jobs it was great because you got to mix all the body parts around and got to choose the job that they are it was awesome.