Thursday, April 30, 2009

"My Little Finger" by Tyla

Room 6 and 10 were playing a game yesterday afternoon and I was going to tag someone but they tripped over and I fell over them.
When I landed, I landed on my little finger and it bent right back. My finger started to sting and I could not bend my finger what so-ever and it was sticking out so much. I went straight to the sick bay and put ice on it. Mum was on her way from Hamilton to pick me up. When she got to school we went straight to the hospital and when we got there I went straight to a doctor and he gave me two injections to numb my finger.
The injection hurt when it went into the skin but within 2 minutes my finger had numbed. The doctor started to pull on my little finger as hard as he could, it still hurt a little but he pulled and pulled. He said he thought it had gone back into place and said we should have an X-ray just in case if it is not. I waited 20 minutes until I could have an X-ray.
As soon as I got in to the x-ray room I got told to put my hand in all of these different positions. After I had the x-rays I went back to the doctor and he said it was great news and that my finger was good but it still needed to be taped up for 6 weeks and I could not play netball this Saturday!
One interesting thing I learned was that when you look at my x-ray you can see big gaps between my bones. The doctor told me that I still have a lot of growing to do and that I will be taller than my mum.
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