Sunday, April 5, 2009

Room 10 Homework week 10 Term 1

Here is a poem by Doug McLeod the author of our shared book "Tumble Turn".
Read the poem and then complete the activity and post onto the blog.


My brother had a puffer fish,

He kept it on his desk.
A slimy little puffer fish,
Balloon-like and grotesque.
And if you took it by surprise
Or loudly slammed the door,
It puffed till it was twice the size
That it had been before.
One day, we found the puffer fish

Was absent from its bowl.
Our cat looked rather devilish,
For she had downed it whole.
And how my wicked brother laughed
When pussy said, ‘Mia-ow!’
Inflated like a rubber raft
Then loudly went kerpow.

Now Try this.....
Rhyming poems are lots of fun, but in fact are extremely difficult to write well. You need a good sense of rhythm, and know how to rhyme without it disrupting the poem you are trying to write.
A good start is to write a four line poem in which only the second and fourth lines rhyme. Choose a subject (it certainly doesn't have to be humorous) and think about what you want to the poem to say. Poems with short lines do lend themselves to humour, and longer lines allow you to sound more serious. If your rhymes are not working, or your rhythm is clunky, try a different pair of rhyming words.
The best thing you can do is to read good rhyming poems and listen to the rhythm and think about the rhyming words. Doug has used desk and grotesque to start with - his rhymes are suprising, and it adds to the fun!


  1. Danielle C room10April 6, 2009 at 4:10 PM


    Tiny littel caterpillar .
    Eating lots of leaves.

    Soon you'll be a butterfly.
    And fly upon the breeze.

  2. We took the ute up Thompsons Track
    4 wheel driving was extreme, mean, fun
    Slipping, bumping round the corners
    At the top we had a sausage in a bun

  3. New Zealand they say is clean and green,
    but I don’t think it’s what they mean,
    don’t believe in what they say,
    cause I saw someone litter today!
    By Jessica.

  4. Wow Room 10 you are really onto it! I really like your poems they are fantastic. Jessica, I do think you need to re-read the question as it asks you to rhyme line 2 and 4 only. I am impressed with your work Danielle as english is your second language and your use of the word upon is great. Hadley, I really felt like I was up on Thompsons track when I read you poem. Ka Pai, what a proud teacher I am to have such an organised class.

  5. There’s a queue for the coffee stand,
    It stretches out like a rubber band.
    Choose a size large or small,
    $10 gone, let’s go to the mall!

    Miss F: I wanted to do another one.Is that okay?

  6. Oh sorry Miss F
    Ill try another one soon

  7. I have a cow named Daisy
    Who sees me every day
    She is fat and lazy
    And never wants to play

  8. I have a teacher,
    Her name is Miss Feasey.
    To remember her name,
    It’s quite easy.

    Her desk is filled with treasures galore
    The glitter ball, centipede,
    Amazing and wonderful,
    All to explore.

    this is my 2 line ryhme sorry about the others.

  9. Great... so much is happening. Remember only line 2 and 4 are to rhyme ....
    e.g (small and mall)

    There is a queue for the coffee stand
    should i choose size large or small
    i really don't know if i can be bothered waiting
    No i can't, lets go to the mall

  10. Chiefs on a winning streak
    Lions come to play
    Lions play well and start to pull away
    But the Chiefs pull back and win the game.

  11. well done Callum (a great and current subject to write about) you have rhymed line 2 and 3 where you need to rhyme line 2 and 4. Your Miss Feasey poem is well done Jessica i approve. I will check in again at about half 7 as i am busy baking at the moment for my class who have managed to get 10 out of 10 all term during technology.

    There are three trouble
    makers they will do
    anything to get into
    trouble but when they do they will laugh.

  13. It is wonderful to see you have got a poem up Bonnie but you need to really re-read the question and my comments about the other poems and the rhyming structure. Thank you and I hope you re-submit your poem or another poem.

  14. I'm a little cat
    I wear a black and white hat
    I'm ginger with a black patch
    and on my pole,I like to scratch.
    hope you like it Miss F
    By Christina

  15. I had a cat when I was young
    she was friendly,fat and lazy
    she spent her days lying in the sun
    and like the mouse her name was Maisy.

  16. Well it is day 2 of homework and I have 2 more already well done. Shenae I really like the way you refered to a story character in your poem. Christina, you have made a great start but you need to make sure line 2 and 4 rhyme as hat and scratch do not rhyme. Glad you liked the cakes today room 10, you deserved it.

  17. one night my sister
    dressed up as a bumble bee
    her anteners wobbled like jelly.
    As she ran around in circles
    she sung "bzz bzz bzz bzz"
    with her big fat belly

    i hope this is good i could not think of anything else if it does not make sense i'll try another

  18. My Dad taught me
    alot about cricket
    you need bats and gloves
    but most of all wickets

  19. Scholl holidays on the there way.
    We are off over the hill to the bay.
    Me and heaps of friends of mine.
    Sun surfand lots of sand.
    Ive got my days planed.

  20. dandarra rm10 studentApril 7, 2009 at 6:17 PM

    hi I am dandarra
    I am fast
    I like to climb trees
    but they put me in a cast

  21. MY MOUSE
    I had a mouse
    it was shaped liked a cat
    ran into the house
    & sleeped on the mat.

  22. Nicp;e.V (rm10) :DApril 7, 2009 at 6:40 PM

    our teacher miss feasy
    she is a fantastic cook
    the cakes were great
    i wonder how long it took

    Im not quite sure if this was a good poem (if it had the right sound to it and if it rhymed properly)thanks Miss Feasy those cakes were great thanks for a wonderful term can't wait for term two. (just out of curiosity) are you going to the aoteo disco? it would be soo cool if you could boogie with us! maybe you could put a post on the blog about the aotea disco.

  23. Butterfly , butterfly
    fly in the sky
    butterfly , butterfly
    flies so high

  24. Oh my goodness room ten. I logged on and found 8 wonderful comments from you ... ka pai. Well done those of you who had 4 lines where line 2 and 4 rhymed. I liked the butterfly poem Megan as it was very simple and effective. Nicole i am flattered and can honestly tell you it took a good half hour of preperation and hour and a half cooking time. Jarrod and Dandarra, what a hoot!great poems! Well done Antonia you chose good rhyming words. Tumeke effort Regan you need only 4 lines and line 2 and 4 rhyming but you chose a great topic.

  25. Cm Punk won the money in the bank
    for the second year in a row
    and Kane tried to stop him
    for trying to steal the show.

  26. My famliy

    I have a cool dad,
    I have a annoying brother,
    We are getting a new puppy,
    I have a lovely mother!!!

    Tyla rm 10


  28. Nicole123 (rm10MIS)April 8, 2009 at 10:03 AM

    Horses are friendly
    Good for long rides
    They eat lots of grass
    So they're big out the sides!

  29. I need some milk I need some bread
    I am going to the shop
    I’m not going to walk I’m not going to bike
    I am going to hop.
    Saro Rm10

  30. I wanted to write a poem
    with more than just one line.

    the reason that i gave up
    is its hard to make it ryhme

  31. Autum

    Facing the winter cold
    rustic leavs begin to fall,
    landing on the ground under,
    covering trees so tall.

  32. Turtles

    I have 2 turtles
    named speedy and dude
    a rub under the chin
    gets them in a good mood

    I have 2 turtles
    called speedy and dude
    they where a shell
    so they are never in the nude

  33. Guess what i am watching
    im waching tv
    guess what i am drinking
    a V.