Friday, May 1, 2009

TGFU - Final Match

During Term One we Studied Touch Rugby for Teaching Games For Understanding (TGFU). We had many great training and skill sessions. We focussed on Passing, Catching, Rules of the game and stepping. We then moved on to a class competition. Our 5 teams names were, Crusaders, Chiefs, Warriors, Speedos and The Cool People. The 2 top teams in the competition were the Crusaders who won 3/4 games and The Cool People who managed to win all of their 4 games. Here is a video of the final game between the Crusaders and The Cool People - Won 7-6 to The Cool People. The other teams cheered on from the sideline and called out encouragement to both teams. Also, 2 students from the other teams refereed the game.


  1. Well done to all of you Room Ten - fantastic to see the video of this game, its great to hear it and experience it, and although we couldn't be there as a class to watch thanks for the wonderful camera work, whoever did that is very talented, very creative and has a wonderful ICT skill.
    Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton.

  2. Hi Ms. F.
    I think TGFU is really fun. At my last school we did not go out for sports alot in school time. I am really looking forward to basketball this term and the touch game between the cool people and crusaders was very close. Duncan

  3. Hi Miss F I was wondering for the mobile do you have only one piece of card with everything on it or can you have three pieces , one for each of the interest areas

  4. 3 pieces is fine Duncan - good question