Friday, May 15, 2009

What makes Room 10 Special

In class we are allowed to eat fruit and vegetables. We are also allowed to go for runs around the field when we need to just let off some energy. When you eat fruit it fills you up so you can think better. It is a really good idea because it refreshes you. It can also wake you up if you are a little tired. We can play with the glitter ball, Koosh ball and the centepede. The reason we play with these toys is that some kids like to fiddle with things while they work and it makes school life more fun. Written by a Room Ten Student. Can you guess what I am eating?


  1. I think it is fun playing with toys in class it helps me think also going for runs around the field refreshes me.

  2. Hi guys,
    We love to fiddle with stuff too! We have some of the same toys. We also like to bounce on an an exercise ball or on the mini tramp if are engines are running low.
    Thanks for visitng us today

  3. Well I like the way we get to play with the toys and go for runs.
    also when I play with the toys it helps me think and helps me get on task.

  4. Hi Room 10!!!

    Great to see you are all so busy!! At work everyday we have a morning game before our meeting to wake our brains it works no matter what your age is!
    A BIG Hello & Hug to Christina from your Auntie Mistori OX

  5. i think it is a great idea to have toys to fiddle with and fruit and veges we can eat because it makes school fun and not boring