Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our BLOG board

We have a great blog board in our cloak bay at school. We have a student who puts up a "Post of the week" each week along with the comment of the week ( the comment is just one we want to celebrate but may not be from that particular week) from either a student or another blog from here in New Zealand or one of our overseas friends.
Here are a couple of the comments we are celebrating this week:

jkmcclung said...
What a great study, and it is great that the students were able to match visual images with the articles. Great stuff as always, keep it up.Mr. McClungNoel, Missouri US

This was for our human rights task matching the picture to the human rights violation. Another comment from that same post we liked was the following from Room 8 at Melville Int in Hamilton because we can now say we have had 1000 visitors to our site.

NZWaikato said...
Room 10 and Miss F.What a wonderful post made all the more powerful by your mixture of text and pictures. I know my students like to view this blog and it is coming along very nicely. Soon you will have 1,000 visitors and you can be very proud of that. Thank you to the students from your class that have been leaving nice comments on our blog we really do appreciate it.Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton.


  1. Hi everyone
    What a clever idea for promoting your blog and its effectiveness to the rest of the school. It must give you a real buzz to have such positive feedback froom around the world.
    Great work!

  2. I think that the blog bord is fun to do
    in class and that ther is a lot of work
    in the blog.

    The student work hard every week
    good luke with the rest of the tume.

  3. joshua's grandmother from AustraliaMay 12, 2009 at 12:41 PM

    I found this blog very informative about what the students have been doing. Most interesting and well laid out.