Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TGFU - Back again

This term for TGFU (teaching games for understanding) we are running it similarly to our Touch Rugby last term except our sport is Basketball.
The class is split into 5 teams and each team has a coach, captain, and a manager. The coach plans their sessions and liases with the manager about the skills and drills (to begin with - ball handling). The manager is responsible for the organising and setting up of equipment while the captain is primarily in charge of team relationships and behavior.The coaches use the above books to plan their sessions and the first session was modelled by Miss F who showed the breakdown of activities and time management eg:
10 mins - warm up
5 mins - stretching
10 mins - skill focus
10 mins - skill reinforcement game
10 mins - warm down activity
The students are all working well together and cooperating as a team, it is great to watch and be a part of.
Stay tuned for more!!


  1. This looks like a great way to learn new games & skills. It gives people a chance to learn lots of new skills - not just sports skills. Great opportunity to develop new leaders too.

  2. Way cool! Basketball is a huge sport here in America, in fact we are in the middle of our professional level playoffs. It is really awesome that you are giving students the opportunity to try a variety of sports and activities. Well done!

    Mr. McClung

  3. what was yesterdays homework and todays i couldnt remember and my sheet came out of my home work book

  4. Tuesday:
    think about ONE career you would be interested in and research it. Display all the information you can (subjects to study, salary, wages, work hours, skills needed etc) on one page of your homework book.

    write a free poem about your career you chose from Tuesday night – you must add: simile, metaphor, verbs, alliteration, onomatopoeia. For those who would like a challenge add some personification in there too.

  5. Hi miss f its Duncan here I have a chest cold and have stayed at home today to get over it . I will come to school tomorrow. I have done my homework and must I drop my homework book at school later? hi to Thomas, Hadley and every one else. Bye for now

  6. Hi Duncan.. thats no good you have a head cold. I hope you get better soon. I have to apologise that I did not get your message till just now and school has finished but will be sure to share you hello's tomorrow. Make sure you are all well before you come back :)

  7. I thing TGFU is a good idea it helps people get to know how to play a sport they ay ahve never have tried because they diddn't know the rules or a small reason like that.