Sunday, March 8, 2009

Doug Macleod

Doug Macleod is the author of our shared book Tumble Turn. Here is a short clip to tell you some more about him and see him working with a class on language features and the process of writing a book.
To see the interview please click here:
Here is some great information i have found about him from Penguin Books Australia
Doug MacLeod is a writer and TV producer. Doug has worked on many of Australia's most popular TV shows, including Fast Forward, Big Girls' Blouse, The Micallef Program and SeaChange. He is currently the script editor on the hit ABC series Kath and Kim.
Doug has also written a number of popular children's books. He is famous in schools and prisons for creating Sister Madge's Book of Nuns. It won many lovely awards and a special bumper edition was printed recently by mistake. On The Cards is a book of ridiculous greeting card rhymes with an introduction by Ben Elton that Doug wrote for the international charity Comic Relief. His latest collection of hilariously sinister verse, Spiky, Spunky, My Pet Monkey was released in July 2004. Both books are illustrated by Craig Smith and published by Puffin.
Doug also wrote the acclaimed teenage novel Tumble Turn, which was published in 2003, and I'm Being Stalked by a Moonshadow, published in 2006.


  1. What a lovely blog you have! I will share this with my teachers and...hope that you visit our blog again soon! You look like a smart and brilliant group of learners from New Zealand!

  2. This is very interesting to know that Doug helped make the kath and kim series.It is always good to know a bit about the authour of the book you are listening to/reading.

  3. I think Doug Macleod is very interesting the way he knows so many words and is able to make up sentences without taking a long time to think of them. If i see any of his books in the library i will take them out. Yes, I am really looking forward to reading his book Tumble Turn.

  4. At first I that thought it would be borring but it is really cool.I can't wait until we read a lot more.Thank you for choosing this book Miss Feasey.

  5. Well i havn't heard much of the story so far but i hear abit today. It sounds pretty cool. I can't wait to hear more of the story.

  6. Danielle.S (RM10)March 12, 2009 at 8:32 AM

    Doug Macleod sounds like an intersting person and I am looking forward to hearing more.I like the way he writes short stoys and novels.

  7. Doug Macleod sounds like a person that can put lost of personality into his writing and I am looking foward to hearing more of his book.
    Saro Rm10