Saturday, March 14, 2009

Keep NZ clean - Calvin recommends.......

The Big Green Help NZ Review.
The big green help website is designed for children to learn about the environment and help their planet. This website includes helpful tips that tell you how to make a difference in the world, the tips are simple but useful like; walk to school instead of coming in the car, pick up 20 pieces of rubbish etc. Also, there are challenges as well that challenge you to answer questions on how to save and help the environment and what can you do to help save our world from global warming. There are also games to play that include your favourite cartoons, these games are all about saving the earth, you select a character which you play as and you go through levels to save the planet. The cool part of these games is that you can select weapons for saving the environment like soap blasters, rubbish bag launchers etc. This website includes many more fun activities that are helpful. The point for this website is that KIDS CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. To visit this site click HERE.
Review and write up by Calvin (Rm10)

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  1. Wow sounds cool I might take a look