Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Farewell Boyznbikes

Well its been a wild ride and Room Ten has thoroughly enjoyed reading Boyznbikes. Today was our last day (we only had 2 chapters left) and we were all sad to reach the end of the book although it was definately worth it. So, I wonder what shared book we will read next?
Please add your comment about this book and let us know your thoughts.
Challenge: Imagine you are Maddy and write a diary entry (does not have to be long) and explain how you felt after meeting your half-brother for the first time.


  1. Jamie,

    I'm happy to answer your questions.
    1:Do you eat inside your class with your teacher or not?
    No, we go to the cafeteria to eat. Our teacher sometimes joins us.
    2:Do you have a T.V in your class or not?
    We don't, but there are T.V sets that can be pulled in if we need them.
    3:How many computers do you have in your class?
    We have 9 computers in our class.


  2. March 12 2002
    I was finally allowed to see Callum! All the other times Dave has said no to my question of, can Callum come? At first I think Callum was kinda shy or scared of what I was like, although I cant blame him I felt the same way too!
    Anyway now having an awsome time together it's like we knew each other for years.
    got to go now,

    this is my comment on the challenge you were talking about Miss F.
    P.S I think the blog is looking great!

  3. @Jade Thanks for coming and commenting on my blog. I wish I could comment on your book, but I haven't read it. Maybe the next book you read I can read with you.
    Mr. C

  4. If i was maddy I would be very happy to finaly know I have a half brother. I would won't to live with her for a month then live with my mum for the next month.

    miss feasey I am so glad that I got you as a teacher.
    p.s the blog page is cool.