Thursday, February 26, 2009

Atu and his Ukelele

The other day a few students and I were in class before the bell went and we heard this beautiful music and did not know where it was coming from. During the day I asked a student if they had heard the music also and they replied that they had and it was Atu from room 4 on his Ukelele (a small guitar with 4 strings). I saw Atu at lunchtime and was lucky enough to have him play me a song he had written himself..... it blew me away. I asked Atu to tell me more about his Ukelele and this is what he wrote down ......

When I was 9 years of age I started to learn how to play the Ukelele and when I had learnt my Grandad told me that he would give me a Ukelele on my 10th birthday. On my birthday my Grandad gave it to me and said ...

"I told you that I would make you one"

That's the reason my Grandad is so special, and my Ukelele, I think that is special too! It was hand made from special wood and now today I still think it is special. The way the kids at MIS look at my Ukelele I think they think it is special too. I play for the Kapa Haka group sometimes and I get heaps of praise when I walk into the hall with it. They ask me if they can have a turn with it but sometimes it is a no and they get a bit upset but hey, if its special to me why would I want to get it wrecked, and who would pay for it? ...... me!
My Ukelele is special because I think it is ... and my Grandada too!

Do you want to here Atu on his Ukelele?


  1. That sounds really cool to be able to play a ukelele.Its funny though because I heard some nice music to and wondered where it was coming from, now I know!
    It was a good idea to put Atu up on the blog so great work Miss F.

  2. You could record Atu playing his ukelele using Vocarro. Then you could put it on the blog so we can all hear. I am sure my students would love to hear him play since we don't often have people playing ukeleles in Missouri.
    Mr. C

  3. Wow. WHat a great looking Ukulele! We have a Ukulele in our classroom and would love to hear Atu playing his.