Thursday, February 12, 2009

Making a difference in our school community.

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Room Ten has been looking at how people make a difference. We begun by looking at what makes us special and unique. We have now moved on to looking at our community and how we can make a difference. Room Ten decided that by having a week where they organised sports it would make a difference to the healthy choices and social choices made by our students ..... check our progress .....


  1. Great idea! Maybe you could talk to your local hospital and get them to put on a health fair that week too. They could do health screenings for people while people are playing sports.
    Mr. C

  2. Very good work, can't wait to see your progress!
    Mr. McClung

  3. Very good work and keep it high and go full everyday, I can see your class are going to be winners you all work together as one team and that make a big difference in the school and the world.Keeping an eye on your progress.
    Mrs C (Danielle C)

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