Wednesday, February 18, 2009

People Can Make a Difference - update

Room Ten has been working hard each lunchtime this week providing MIS with some sporting opportunities to promote healthy lifestyles and positive social interaction for our unit "People can make a difference". We have encountered some issues and today had a brainstorming session of .... where to next? So far we have played; GOOJ (Get out of Jail), 2 Ball Soccer and Bench Ball. Tomorrow we are playing 3 bat cricket followed by touch rugby on Friday.

Find out more soon as we will be collating the videos, photos, and interviews and compiling a very exciting post hopefully early next week.


  1. Tino Pai Room 10! This week you have organised some great games for the students at MIS to take part in during lunchtime!! I know that you have worked hard as a group to make this happen and I'm sure the students appreciate it. It is also great that you have spent time as a class reflecting on how it has all gone and where you can go next. This is always an important aspect when organising anything and a valuable skill for the future...By the way I am very impressed with your blog site. Well done!

  2. Hello Room 10. I am from Melville Intermediate School my name is Rachana,
    I love the way that your school is very sporty. My school is doing Swimming and Touch at the moment.
    Rachana, Room 8 Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

  3. Hi there miss feasey what topic are we learning about next term?