Sunday, February 22, 2009

Making a Difference - Brainstorming

Room Ten has been working extremely hard on making a difference at Morrinsville Intermediate over the previous week by providing games every lunchtime. On Wednesday we decided to sit down and brainstorm our progress and where to next for the project. You can see our brainstorming above and we were generally very pleased with the results and felt we really had made a significant difference. There were some areas identified in "where to next" that needed to be re-organised or clarified and these were all sorted out and ready for the games on Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately we had too many other activities happening around the school on Thursday lunch so we did not get enough players for the game. Friday was disappointing as we had a tropical storm and there was a lot of rain so we had to stay inside. Overall we are proud with what we managed to achieve and feel we definately MADE A DIFFERENCE!
We will have photos and videos soon .......

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  1. Reflective thinking is an important skill most students don't do. This activity shows the importance of working together and thinking about ways to make your activities better. I especially liked the way your group was open enough for two of the students to go against what the group wanted. You must feel very comfortable with each other for that to take place.
    Mr. C