Friday, June 12, 2009

Fieldays - The day after

Yesterday was Fieldays and Room ten came into class today looking tired but happy. Yesterday was absolutely fabulous and so many new ideas and learning experiences came from it. Miss F had never been to Fieldays so the students were more than happy to show her things which she was very grateful for and appreciated the insight. All students were perfectly behaved and parents commented on how interested and on task the students were with their inquiry. Today we wrote in our inquiry journal and reflected upon how we are going with our inquiry and where to next for us. WOW ... and the brochures, magazines, business cards, pamphlets and handouts were piled high!, we shared them and are going to make resource folders for each topic area. Some students decided to change their inquiry questions because after talking to experts at Fieldays realised they needed to refine them and some just found another topic along the same lines as their previous one that intrigued them more. Well done to all students for representing our school so well. Ka Pai!

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  1. OMG guys that looked like sooooooo much fun. I wish I went to the Feildays, with you. But no, WE stayed at school,and spent a normal day in class while you guys were out looking at stuff. Sincerly hoped that you had a good day with great weather.