Thursday, June 4, 2009

What is Farming

Room ten has begun an Inquiry into how we learn from the past and the past of others. This is our concept and ourcontext is Farming. We have aplit into 5 groups (really 6 because the technology group is so big we had to split them into t for this and they are: technology, dairy farming, milking, horticulture and livestock.

Before we could really go any further we had to unpack what 'farming' really was. To do this we had independant inquiry time then shared our ideas and came up with a whole class word bank of important words. From there we got into our 5 groups and came up with our own definitions then shared with the class and discussed all of them giving feedback and feedforward. We chose 3 that we really liked and put it together to come up with the following definition.

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  1. Thats cool and I learnt alot like i now know that cultivation is another word for growing . Liam, Morinsville Intermediate.