Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Flour Babies by Anne Fine

Chapter 1
Answer 1 or 2 of these questions about 'Flour Babies'
Chapter 1
Answer these questions.
(a) What is wrong with the students in class 4C?
(b) What is the name of their teacher?
(c) What things can they do for Science Day?
(d) Who is late for the class?
(e) How tall is Simon?
(f) What does the teacher want Simon to do?
(g) What does it say on the paper?
Do you think ‘flour babies’ is a good idea for Science
Day? Say why/why not.


  1. a. The thing that is wrong with C4 is they do not try .

    g. On the paper it says flour babies.

  2. Question 2
    I think flour babies is a good way to teach the class of 4C how to be more responsible and how to learn how to take care of things