Friday, June 19, 2009

Room ten attacks metaphors'

Definition: Metaphor is when you use two nouns and compare or contrast them to one another. Unlike simile, you don't use "like" or "as" in the comparison.
I like to call a metaphor "similar to a simile but not!"

The sky was a blanket of blue paint (Te Hautakiri)
My dog is a stubborn donkey (Shenae)
The gangstas ego was a raging elephant (Quinn)
Summer is a hot oven (Regan)
The hail is needles falling on my back (Saro)
Bonnies hair is the dark night sky (Jade)
The sand is on fire (Tyla)
My Brother is a blaring radio (Nicole)
The trees are having a seizure (Leo)
Our cow is a fat sumo wrestler (Nicole123)
The goat was a rubbish bin (Hadley)
Summer is a tsunami of heat (Geordie)
Cows are bulldozers (Callum)
The cats were flames, leaping and bounding,
wild and free (Jessica)

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  1. Hey guys, we've been looking at figurative language too. You've written some great metaphors here. I'm going to share them with my class.